Hanging Water Gardens™

All of our Hanging Water Gardens™ come with Free Live Plants

Hanging Water Gardens™, Plant Rooters, Plant Starters, basically it’s the same thing — the most elegant, stylish and care-free way to grow a wide variety of plants in water. Grow plants such as ivy, philodendron, spider plants, impatiens, begonias, basil, mint, rosemary… the list goes on and on. Our Vermont Nature Creations hand crafted Hanging Water Gardens™ are an easy way to grow and enjoy plants indoors. No green thumb? No problem. It’s all because of hydroponics. Plants have been growing like this forever. It’s simple — water, air and light. Forget messing with  soil.

For years, we at Vermont Nature Creations have been designing and handcrafting beautiful ways to start and grow plants in water. You may have seen us at some of the big art shows or flower shows like the Philadelphia Flower Show, Boston Flower Show, Chicago, Cincinnati, just to name a few. Our creations have been voted best of show over a dozen times, (not like we are bragging or anything).

We are a family business. All of our designs are hand made in America. We use only the finest metals and beautiful stained glass. Each piece is individually crafted and every step is done by hand from start to finish.

The best part is how beautiful our Hanging Water Gardens™ will look in your window, bursting with color and life. Whether it’s for yourself or a plant lover you know, our Hanging Water Gardens™ add a gorgeous splash of art and elegance to any room. Hang one right in the kitchen window for a beautiful place to grow and root herbs. It’s lively and bright, plus totally convenient while you’re cooking — no need to trudge out to the garden every time you need a fresh snip of basil or mint.

So if you’re looking for Hanging Water Gardens™, plant rooters, plant starters, brass butterfly’s, brass dragonfly’s,  stained glass hummingbirds or just the most decorative way to grow plants in water, you’ve found it. That’s us – Vermont Nature Creations. We pour our effort and creativity into giving you the quality and style you’ll love. We hope that our creations will bring you years of happiness.

-David and Janet

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