We Have Goldfish Plants For You

I have a flash Special for you. I just received some of the Goldfish Plants that are absolutely amazing. My customers keep sending me pictures of the cuttings that I have sent them…now blooming!!! It is so cool to receive these pictures. So I got excited and decided I wanted more of you to have this awesome Goldfish plant too.

You’ll love it!

First, what you need to do is purchase one of my Hanging Water Gardens. Find one that you love and add it to your cart. While you are checking out there is a comment section, in that section type Goldfish Plant, please.

I am going to send you your new Hanging Water Garden and you will receive  English Ivy, Wandering Jew, and The Beautiful Goldfish Plant.

I have a limited supply, and the Goldfish plants will not last long…so get your order in ASAP.

Remember, my wife and I do everything….we create all of our Hanging Water Gardens, and we pack all of the orders. We will be personally selecting the beautiful plants that we will be sending to you. You are going to love your New Hanging Water Gardens.


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