Stained Glass Fancy Round Hanging Water Garden™, Rose [Live plants included]

$ 97.95

Our Rose Fancy Round Stained Glass Hanging Water Garden™ (plant rooter) is the  widest style in our whole collection. If your looking for something special in a bay or bow window this is the one. The deep, rich rose stained glass with its warm hues, looks spectacular with the light shining through it. The shade of the rose glass leans more toward a burgundy than a red. This elegant shape with it’s smooth distinctive lines makes it a beautiful addition to any room. This design looks great with a wide variety of plants. This design measures approximately 11 inches wide by 18 inches long and comes with a 14 inch long extension hook. We include free live plants to get you started. Go ahead – add some colorful glass beads (as shown in the picture), or a brass butterfly, dragonfly or any of our decorative magnets, see directly below. This design also looks stunning when grouped with a colorful stained glass hummingbird (Also below).