Limited Edition Teal Victorian Hanging Water Garden™ [Live Plants Included]

“I received one for my birthday, I am absolutely in love with it, best gift I've had. I would recommend them for anyone that you know that loves flowers or gardens or even a friend in a nursing home. These are superb gifts for anyone in your life. I hung mine in my picture window added so much charm to a big dull window and you will love yours too.” -Regina from MN

$ 99.95

Limited Edition Stained Glass Teal Victorian Hanging Water Garden™. The teal stained glass looks spectacular with the light shining through it. We have only made 10 of this design. This design measures approximately 11 inches wide by 17 inches long and comes with a 14 inch long extension hook. We include free live plants to get you started. This design also looks stunning when grouped with a colorful stained glass hummingbird (Also below).

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