Limited Edition Stained Glass Raindrop Hanging Water Garden™ in Jade Green

"We had a new very large bay window installed. Your Hanging Water Gardens our the center pieces. Can't say enough on how great they look. Thank you very much!" -Steven from PA

$ 99.95

Limited Edition – Jade Green Stained Glass Raindrop Hanging Water Garden™

If you love jade, this stunning design is perfect for you. We have made a limited quantity of this design in elegant jade glass. The glass that we use is a beautiful water glass and it looks spectacular with the sun shining through it. The design measures approximately 10 inches wide by 19 inches long and comes with a 14 inch long extension hook. We include complementary live plants to get you started. Go ahead – add some colorful glass beads (as shown in the picture), or a brass butterfly, dragonfly or any of our decorative magnets, see directly below.

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