Mini Heart Hanging Water Garden™ [Live plants included]

$ 32.95

Beautiful live plants included.

Our Mini Heart Water Garden™ (plant rooter) is designed to hang flat on a wall. You can hang this one in some pretty neat places….some customers have used these in pairs as wall sconces. We like them in a bathroom or next to a kitchen window on the side of a cabinet. We have had people tell us that they hang these in a work cubical on a pushpin. Also looks pretty with fresh flowers. The design measures approximately 3.5 inches wide by 13 inches long.We include free live plants to get you started. Go ahead – add some colorful glass beads (as shown in the picture), or a brass butterfly, dragonfly or any of our decorative magnets, see directly below. 

I want my Plants at a future date Certificate

for the convenience of gift shoppers, we offer a “Free Plant Certificate” for redemption at a future date. The Certificate cost ($9.00) covers shipping and handling to you or your recipients. Learn More



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