Spiral Hanging Water Garden™, Vintage Amber [Live plants included]

"I received my first hanging garden from you just the other day. It is lovelier than I had imagined and the plants that came with it were so nice and healthy. I will be ordering more of your wonderful creations for myself soon." -Donnajean from SD

$ 38.95

Beautiful live plants included.

Our Vintage Amber Spiral Hanging Water Garden™, (plant rooter) has a beautiful, distinctive shaped vase. The spiral shape and Vintage Amber glass look spectacular in any window. The design looks beautiful with ivy growing around the frame. We have one hanging in our  kitchen window filled with ivy and mint. The design measures approximately 4 inches wide by 16 inches long and comes with a 14 inch long extension hook. Also available in green, blue, marmalade, purple, red, fuchsia, and cobalt. We include free live plants to get you started.

A brass butterfly or brass dragonfly magnet add an elegant flare to the design. To add a decorative magnet, or a stained glass hummingbird, see below.

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