Tranquility Hanging Water Garden™ [Live plants included]

"Just received my order this morning! Oh my goodness!! Your products are phenomenal! First I must say everything was packed perfectly. Even handled my postman throwing it over our 6-foot fence landing on the ground! Thank you so much for my house warming gift and other freebies! Now to find the perfect place for them to be until we move in a few months. Thank you so much!!" -Christine from NC

$ 49.95

Beautiful live plants included.

Our Tranquility design Hanging Water Garden™, (plant rooter) evokes an image of serenity and tranquil calm. This style looks elegant in any window. Looks beautiful with ivy growing around it’s frame. By the way if you like this style you will love it in our stained glass version. Our Oriental design measures approximately 9 inches wide by 17 inches long and comes with a 14 long extension hook. We include free live plants to get you started. Go ahead – add some colorful glass beads (as shown in the picture), or a brass butterfly, dragonfly or any of our decorative magnets, see directly below. This design also looks stunning when grouped with a colorful stained glass hummingbird (also below).




                                             ADD_BEADS_FIXED_940           ADD_BUGS_FIXED_940          ADD_BIRDS_FIXED_940