Vintage Fall Vase Collection [Live plants included]

"I just recently made some purchases after drooling over these beautiful designs for some time. I bought the limited edition bottles for myself and just love them. I also bought one of the stained glass designs as a gift for someone who also just loves it. Don't wait like I did, buy, you won't be disappointed." Rosemarie H.

$ 59.95

Beautiful Live Plants Included

The spectacular colors of fall have inspired us to put together this beautiful 5-vase vintage collection. Brilliant red, rich purple, dark amber, cobalt blue, and deep green create this stunning set. Vases range from 4 inches to 7 inches in height. We include a beautiful variety of starter plants to fill each vase — or fill them with fall flowers or cuttings from your own backyard garden! This set makes a lovely statement on a windowsill, mantle, dresser, or wherever you would like to add some rich autumn color.

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