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The Search for a Unique and Perfect Christmas Gift is Over

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Unexpectedly Perfect Christmas Gifts

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hey, we’ve got a great idea. 

Are you all done with your Christmas shopping? We know, it’s kind of a “NOOO” moment (in more ways than one) because suddenly you remember that there are only a few weeks till Christmas and you have no idea what to get for your nephew and his fiancé, your sister in law, (who claims she doesn’t expect anything from you) your Aunt Sylvia, (who always gets her Christmas shopping done wayyy ahead of time) and most importantly – your mom! We know the feeling of watching that itchy little cluster of names gradually nudge down the Christmas shopping list, because you’re completely dry of ideas. Which is why we want to help.

ditch the holiday distress!

 Look no further. We’ve been told (an insane amount of times) that our Hanging Water Gardens make brilliant Christmas gifts – for anyone on your list. For green thumbs and black thumbs alike! It’s not magic – all you need is water. Care-free, simplistic and knock-out gorgeous – that kind of sums our handcrafted gardens in a few words. They’re all super unique and totally unexpected. It’s going to look fantastic in your nephew’s new house, your sister-in-law will never in a million years expect it, your Aunt Sylvia will be shocked that she’s never seen them before, and your mom – well let’s just put it simply – she’ll hang it up in her kitchen window and she’ll adore it.

oh, cool they come with plants!

That’s right folks! In a bag like a fish. Seriously – we cut a nice variety of fresh plant clippings (green ivy! variegated ivy! wandering jew! huzzah!) right here in our little shop. Then we pack them up with every order and ship them straight out to you. Talk about a festive Christmas gift! How many people do you think are going to get something so ridiculously lively, bright and beautiful this holiday? That’s right – you’re da bomb.

oh shoot – they come with plants.

 Hey hey hey wait! Before you run away, let us explain. We get it – Christmas is still a few weeks away. Not to worry. If you don’t want to babysit those plants until December 25th, then we’ll just send you a handy little plant certificate along with your Hanging Water Garden – so when your Aunt Sylvia is ready for her plants, she just sends us an email/phone call to tell us that she has a certificate, and we’ll ship out some beautiful plants for her Water Garden, no charge. So you know what that means — you don’t have to worry about a thing! We want you, your family and your plants to all be happy this holiday.

so what are you waiting for?

 You know you have those last few names on your Christmas list… don’t deny it. So go ahead – blow their socks off with one of our stunning Hanging Water Gardens. Effortless style, yo! The hardest part is picking out which design you like – there are so many to choose from. Then you’ll just let us know whether you want live plants or a certificate for live plants – and that’s it! Wait for the box to show up on your doorstep like in all those magical Christmas movies and get ready to kick back and relax this holiday. Aunt Sylvia will be so impressed. Oh and did we mention that you should stuff one under the tree addressed to you, too? Love yourself! It’s a thing, people. Do it.  wintery_stainglass_collage_withframe

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